🤿 Will you be adding a reef-safe filter?

No. The “reef-safe” sunscreen qualifier is simply propaganda and fearmongering set on the foundation of bad science. The tests that were done were based on laboratory tests on raw UV filters, and not in fully formulated sunscreens, which uses a much smaller concentration of filters. There is not sufficient, reliable, scientific data on the harm that sunscreens could have on coral reefs. There is also currently no risk assessment data associated with sunscreen and the reefs.

Currently, the Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, National Academy of Science, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and various non-government organizations are working on getting RELIABLE data together. Once that data comes in and is analyzed, scientifically informed regulations will come if necessary.

However, we already know the damage that climate change, overfishing, tourism, and pollution is doing to coral reefs. And it’s likely more damage than sunscreens ever will.

💱 Will you be adding a price filter?

It’s not on my agenda. The only reason is that prices vary widely depending on retailer, by country, and your countries currency. Keeping up with that would be an absolute pain and filtering by those changing prices would be an even bigger pain. I know that price is an important factor, and my reviews will always have a purchase link to them and you can investigate prices and make that decision for yourself.

🏬 Will you be adding a non-toxic / paraben-free / cruelty-free / hypoallergenic / noncomedogenic / medical grade filter?

No. Unfortunately, these are all unregulated marketing terms. These terms either don’t have a hard basis in fact, are unreliable, or don’t have any real meaning on the quality of the product.