Naked Sundays Collagen Glow Mineral Perfecting Priming Lotion

My Review:

So this brand says this is transparent… and that’s just not true. There is a cast on me; It’s not TERRIBLE but it’s definitely present. This formula is also SO THICK. If you’ve tried Lean Screen from Ultra Violette, this reminds me very much of that, except this one doesn’t have a pump, making it easier to get the product out. It’s still a pain to rub in and to apply, and has a semi-matte finish. Overall, love the high protection of this but it’s not for me. Lighter skin tones who want a good makeup base or are oily will enjoy this.

My Rating: 1/3


Origin Country: Australia

Volume/Weight: 50 mL

SPF: 50+

UVA: UVA Circle (EU) / Broad Spectrum (AU) [UVA-PF/SPF ≥ ⅓ + Critical Wavelength]

Type: Inorganic (Mineral/Physical)

Filters: Zinc Oxide

Cast on Me: 2 (Visible cast on me, best for light to medium skin tones)

Tint: Universal

Water Resistance: No

Added Fragrance/Essential Oils?: No

Alcohol?: No

Eye Sting for Me? No

Vehicle (Texture): Cream

Finish: Natural/Matte

Nice Ingredients: Gluconolactone, Glycerin, Proline

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